Bullshit Marketing MetricsMarketing Metrics.  You need to stop using to measure content marketing success

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Marketing metrics include variables such as: Impressions, ROI, Bounce Rate, Benchmarks and The Funnel. Any of you online business owners,.. especially those of you with online stores.  Take a read.  Could not have agreed more.  At the end of any day,…. you have to ask yourself,..  Did that Facebook ad, Mailchimp blast, or print ad convert potential customers into buying customers.  Did it produce sales or add value to your product.  That is all that matters!

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Source: 5 bullshit metrics you need to stop using to measure content marketing success | Daniel Hochuli | Pulse | LinkedIn

The International Clan MacFarlane Society is ready to increase membership and re-establish their presence in the world-wide Scottish community.   They came to us for advertising creation.  We were more than happy to oblige.

CMSI president, Michael MacFarlane, gave us the hand drawn heraldry art (by artist Maxine Miller) and an company address.  Our job was to create a 2″ x 2.25″ ad to first be published in the Highlander Magazine.

In order to use the heraldry art in a black and white ad,.. we had to first convert the hand-drawn pdf to a workable vector-art.  The next step was to alter the art.  Certain elements needed to be bigger. Other elements needed to be smaller.  Then,… Color! Then,..Black & white.

Take a look at the results:

The Society was so happy with the results that they have decided to use the ad in all of their upcoming event advertising.  Thanks, ICMS!  We really enjoyed getting our Scots on!


Advertising creation is an art that is sometimes overlooked,.. but at Red Rubber Media,.. we are ready to take on any project,.. no matter how small. Let us do the creative work so that you can concentrate on selling product, service, or organization.  You’d be surprised at how a simple ad can increase consumer confidence and awareness.  From black and white print or full-color web distribution, we can help you develop an online or print multi-media presence.

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“Near me” searches are fast becoming the biggest search type on Google.  More than that,.. Google has added an algorithm named Possum and has started registering sites for “local business” listings.  Do you have a brick and mortar store? Or do you have the ability to offer your clients local drop-ship or pick-up?  Then you need to get your business ready for localized Google search results.

Author: Michiel Heijmans

Near me searches are growing and Google recently updated it’s algorithm with Possum. Learn how to adapt to these local search changes.

Source: Is that a Possum near me? • Yoast

Yes it can be pretty pricey,.. but unfortunately it’s something that takes a lot of time.  Yet,.. what is that cost when weighed against the cost of lost business and lost sales.  Whether we like it or not,.. Google is the new super power.  If  businesses want to compete in today’s online market they must give themselves all the help they can.  There is so much competition out there today.  Do you really want to be left behind because you were afraid to make an investment in SEO? Think about that and get back to me.

In the end,.. we are ALL Google’s bitches. 😉



Author: Steve Olenski

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