The International Clan MacFarlane Society is ready to increase membership and re-establish their presence in the world-wide Scottish community.   They came to us for advertising creation.  We were more than happy to oblige.

CMSI president, Michael MacFarlane, gave us the hand drawn heraldry art (by artist Maxine Miller) and an company address.  Our job was to create a 2″ x 2.25″ ad to first be published in the Highlander Magazine.

In order to use the heraldry art in a black and white ad,.. we had to first convert the hand-drawn pdf to a workable vector-art.  The next step was to alter the art.  Certain elements needed to be bigger. Other elements needed to be smaller.  Then,… Color! Then,..Black & white.

Take a look at the results:

The Society was so happy with the results that they have decided to use the ad in all of their upcoming event advertising.  Thanks, ICMS!  We really enjoyed getting our Scots on!


Advertising creation is an art that is sometimes overlooked,.. but at Red Rubber Media,.. we are ready to take on any project,.. no matter how small. Let us do the creative work so that you can concentrate on selling product, service, or organization.  You’d be surprised at how a simple ad can increase consumer confidence and awareness.  From black and white print or full-color web distribution, we can help you develop an online or print multi-media presence.

Ask us how to get started. Contact us here or call us at the number located at the top of this page.

Our latest graphic project for!  We took Maxine Miller’s hand-drawn art, digitized it,.. and built the graphic for Celtic Jackalope’s latest clan crest line of t-shirts.

Check out our new business cards!

Just remember,.. we can help YOU make your next business card happen! From logo design & branding development to having the finished product shipped to your door. We can handle all of your promotional & printing needs.

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The latest project from Red Rubber Media.  Hoodies & T-shirts for the 2016 Big Trees Scottish Gathering & Highland Games.


Original hand-drawn art by Maxine Miller.

The collection is available for purchase in the event merch store here.

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